Simplify your Farmers Market visit by pre-ordering and paying with our vendors in advance. Just make sure you’re favorite vendor will be there that week, some vendors are on an every other week schedule. On market day, simply pick up!

Bread Obsession: artisan breads

  • order by 6 p.m. on Monday
  • payment: by card when ordering.

Doris’s Peruvian Pastries

  • order by 10am on Wednesday
  • payment: by PayPal, use website. For SNAP or Venmo, email For credit card, call  774-245-5172
  • When ordering in our website, click “add note” and write location for pick up (ex. For Pick Up at Medford Farmers Market on Thursday XX), then click Pick Up option. Be sure it’s a date she’s there!
  • When ordering through our email of by phone before Wednesday 10 am, we’ll have the order ready for pick up at the Farmers Market and there we’ll get the payment with SNAP.

Drew’s Stews: heat-and-eat soups, all-natural ingredients

  • order by noon on Wednesday – check our newsletter or FB event to ensure he’ll be at the market that week!
  • Payment: by card when ordering

Samira’s Homemade: hummus and other spreads

  • After entering your shipping information, select Medford Farmers Market for your pickup location
  • payment: by card when ordering

Peg’s Preserves: jellies, relishes, and local honey.

  • order by noon on Wednesday
  • Items for order can be viewed here. Spices and venmo link are here.
  • email your order to
  • payment: at the market or through venmo (Pegs Preserves)

Lathered Soaps: small-batch, handmade soaps

  • order by noon on Wednesday – check our newsletter or FB event to ensure she’ll be at the market that week
  • This link goes to the market section. Shop from within that and then select a market date for pickup.
  • payment: by card when ordering

Urban Spice World: home ground organic spices

  • order by 1pm on Wednesday
  • During checkout, under Shipping, select “Pick Up from Medford Farmers Market”
  • Payment: by card or amazon pay when ordering

House Bear Brewing: There’s a mead out there for everyone; let us help you find yours!.

  • order by 5pm on Wednesday
  • Select item to order order, select “pick up” for fulfillment method
  • Under pick up there is a list of locations from which to pick and and click on the radio button next to Farmers Market you wish to pick up from.
  • Click Update Location
  • Add to order. Click Check out
  • Payment by card or GPay
  • Please note: All pickups are during market hours from 3-7 on days they are there. The square site lists a different time because of logistics on their end, but pickup starts at 3pm.

Bart’s Handcrafted Ice Cream: all natural, locally sourced ingredients.

  • order by midnight on Wednesday
  • Choose your flavor and select “book now,” then choose the market date and approximate time you plan to pick-up (don’t worry, these are flexible)
  • payment: by card when ordering

Trove Green Provisions: planet and people friendly products

  • Order by midnight on Wednesday
  • Choose another on the website and select “pick up at Farmer’s Market (Medford)” in the shipping 
  • Payment: by card when ordering