2020 Highlighted Recipes

Each week, we highlight a different recipe that can be made (almost) entirely from market products. Take a look through previous highlights, and if you’d like to submit a recipe, email us!

  • check out this mouthwatering recipe for Apple Pie French Toast. The perfect breakfast for a long weekend!
  • This Butternut Squash Corn Chowder is the perfect light supper or cozy lunch as the temps go down at the end of this week. A key substitution: please use farm-fresh corn! The flavor can’t be beat, and if you buy enough, you can also freeze it yourself for a bit of late-summer flavor on a cold day this winter.
  • If you’re unsure how to use up the veggies in your fridge, consider this Farmers Market Vegetable Soup. It’s perfect for the chillier weather and will go heavenly with some crusty bread. If you have kids in school with differently timed lunches, you can also put it in your crockpot on the keep warm setting.
  • As cooler temperatures announce the beginning of fall, kale is available again most weeks. This video shows you how to make kale chips! Crispy and salty, they can be seasoned to be spicy or smoky, and make for a delicious afternoon snack.
  • Lots of people are intimidated by Butternut Squash, but it’s worth learning how to prepare for its delicious and nutritious inner flesh. 
  • Let’s talk about the green beans we’ve been seeing at the market. Whether yellow, green, or purple, they are all tasty in a wide range of dishes! This three-bean salad is a simple addition to your Labor Day cookout.
  • An often-overlooked vegetable is the gorgeous eggplant, and this recipe shows you just how to cut and roast it to perfection, with links to other ways to prepare it as well. 
  • One of our staff has been having Thursday Night Lebanese dinners, purchasing all her favorites such as hummus and other dips, grape leaves, tomatoes, cucumbers, and fresh bread. You can even fancify it by turning the veggies into this refreshing Lebanese Salad 
  • This summer, pick up your favorite veggies and try them grilled. Here is a general how to that can help you up your game for your next BBQ or camping trip. 
  • This flexible enchiladas recipe allows you to finish up any veggies still in the crisper! 
  • With early peaches and nectarines arriving, this Crumble is a fantastic way to use them up. You could make it as is and add some vanilla ice cream for a delicious dessert, or cut the sugar in half and drizzle with a tad of honey for a satisfying breakfast.
  • Try your hand at this Massaged Kale Salad. If this is new to you, have no fear, the blog goes into detail about how to do this, and the results are phenomenal, even if you’re not a kale fan! 
  • It’s corn season! And if you’ve never had Elote (Mexican Street Corn), it’s worth a shot! It is fantastic as is, or as a side dish on the BBQ. Your meal can be followed with a fruit salad and ice cream for dessert. 
  • If you haven’t tried beets in a while, consider getting some and preparing them in this salad. It makes a delicious accompaniment for your barbecue, or you can prepare it in advance to accompany your sandwich for a day at the beach. 
  • This mushroom-kale pasta could be made with market ingredients – just make a couple of easy substitutions or add what you have in the pantry. 
  • If you’ve looked at the red stalks of rhubarb, that are so common in early spring, and wondered what to do with them, have no fear! While some people eat it straight up, dipped in sugar, or in a pie with strawberries, consider giving these quick Rhubarb and Lemon Muffins a try this week.