We are grateful to you for making this a successful season that at times almost felt like normal! It takes many hands to make the market run smoothly.

Thank you to our customers, for showing up and giving us your feedback week after week; to our vendors for bringing their A-game rain or shine; our performers and the Medford Arts Council for the 42 live performances we hosted, our staff and volunteers who set up, counted, answered questions, matched SNAP bucks, and broke down the market; our board members who are the driving force toward bringing this market to Medford and offer their labor and expertise; and the Medford Department of Public Health, who supports us and keeps us all safe. We are so grateful to you for making this year possible:

  • Over 8,700 shopping trips
  • Supported 36 vendors
  • Of whom 9 were in their first year of business!
  • Almost $6000 SNAP dollars matched

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