13 Vendors for Circle the Square! Who’s at the Market This Week: Thu 7/21

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FRIENDS, LET’S TALK TURKEY: Are you glad Medford has a farmers market? Do you feel proud to live in a city that supports a farmers market? Do you enjoy meeting local farmers, your fellow New Englanders who work hard to bring you fresh and healthy food? If you answered yes to any of these questions—or if you simply love delicious ice cream and almond croissants—then you know what to do. Show your support by shopping at the Medford Farmers Market, where all of your dollars go straight to the people growing, raising, and preparing your food!

If you haven’t made it to the market yet this season, now’s your chance! This Thursday is Circle the Square, when all of Medford turns out to promenade through downtown. This Thursday also marks our most vendors yet this year, with 13—COUNT ‘EM, 13!—farmers and bakers and makers, ready to feed your bellies and your hearts. Come hungry!


The following vendors will be at the market this week, 3 to 7 p.m. Thursday 7/21 at One City Hall Mall, behind City Hall in Medford Square:

Ackemann Maple Farm
Bagel Land
Beads by Beardslee
Birch Tree Bread
Brigham Farm
Coastal Vineyards
Deano’s Pasta
Good Roots Farm
Honeycomb Creamery
Lanni Orchards
Perche Patisserie
Powerhouse Juice
Shire Beef

Love our vendors? Want to become a vendor? Get info!



Once you’ve talked to Evan of Shire Beef (that’s him in the cap, up top) about his amazing grass-fed meat, you can’t leave without buying some. The passion for what he does is obvious, and I’m quite sure the butchers at the chain grocery stores don’t know the name of the Black Angus bulls that were raised for their steaks and sausages.

There are so many reasons why buying grass-fed beef is better for you and for the animals. Grass-fed beef contains significantly higher levels of those oh-so-good-for-you Omega-3s and is naturally leaner than grain-fed beef. Since cattle are meant to eat grass, not grain, the animals tend to be much healthier and consequently less prone to sickness—meaning fewer antibiotics in your meat! And you can’t beat the fact that cattle grazing outside in a field are much happier than those stuck inside in a barn or a pen all day!

These are some of the reasons I buy beef for my grill from Evan, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Go over and ask him about his products. He’ll love to answer any questions you might have!

Sarah, MFM market manager & beetsandbikes.com


CALLING ALL MEDFORD SENIORS: Did you know the Medford Farmers Market has a weekly farm share, sized and priced just for you? Pictured above is the glorious produce all participating seniors took home this week—also the star of an onsite cooking demo by our lovely market manager, Sarah! Want to pick up your own share next week? Here’s how!
• Open to Medford residents ages 60+; advance registration required!
• To register, call Syrah at the Board of Health: 781-393-2560
• Pickup is 2:30 p.m. Tuesdays through October 18 at 121 Riverside Ave.
• 40 shares available each week
• $5/week for low-income seniors; $15/week for seniors not on assistance
• Hungry yet? Dig in and get cooking!


The Medford Farmers Market matches up to $20 in EBT/SNAP benefits. That means for $20, you can get $40 worth of fresh, healthy food. Not a SNAP recipient? You can still support our efforts. All proceeds from our sassy recycled tote bags go to our benefits-matching program. A cool $12 gets you a bag at the market—until supplies run out.

The Medford Farmers Market runs 3 to 7 p.m. Thursdays through October 13, 2016, at One City Hall Mall, behind City Hall, in Medford, Mass.

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