Circle the Square needs your support June 26th

Dear Medford Farmers Market supporters,

I wanted to share with you some great news about CACHE in Medford, an organization in which the Medford Farmers Market is a very active member. Many of you are familiar with the name of a new Medford monthly program called Circle the Square. Well, on Wednesday, the CACHE board voted unanimously to make Circle the Square a CACHE program, making CACHE at the forefront of a downtown revitalization program that has transformed other Massachusetts communities.
For those of you who are not familiar with the idea of Circle the Square, it will be a monthly series of programs that happen in Medford Square on the third Thursday from July through October. ( Walking around the Square on the third Thursday from 4-8pm, this is what you might see: 
  • A lively band playing at the burial ground plaza
  • A participatory dance program happening in front of City Hall 
  • Food Trucks at the Medford Farmers Market!
  • Kids activities on the green space by Clippership Drive
  • An acoustic trio on the walking bridge by Shipyard Way
  • An interactive art program in front of Century Bank
  • Music and games for all ages in the Members Plus Credit Union Parking Lot 
  • Interactive programs and special deals at local restaurants and businesses
  • And much more!
Modeled on successful programs such as AHA! Nights in New Bedford and 3rd Thursdays in Pittsfield, the objective of Circle the Square is to make Medford a destination, illuminate the local businesses and organizations that thrive there, and give our community something unique and fun to do. Furthermore, Circle the Square dramatically extends CACHE’s reach into the community and our presence as a successful grassroots organization in Medford. The first date will by Thursday, July 19th from 4-8pm. 
Circle the Square is currently managed by a dedicated committee of individuals who have been working diligently for months to get this idea off of the ground: Susan Fairchild, Allie Fiske, Laurel Siegel, Louise Musto-Choate, Eva Reck, and Dave Lubell. 
As with any great community effort – WE NEED YOUR HELP. Here are some ways that you, as a local organization, can help Circle the Square:
If you’re interested in producing programming to be on the schedule of events on a third Thursday evening, or want to be involved in some other way, contact us at
The City Departments in Medford have been overwhelmingly supportive of Circle the Square. They have decided to put together a pilot program proposal that will cover all permitting for Circle the Square and will serve as a template for similar programs in the Square in the future. This pilot program is up for discussion and a potential vote with City Council on Tuesday, June 26th. Essentially, this vote will say if we do or do not have permission to produce Circle the Square. If we do not get their majority vote this week, this may make it impossible to  launch the program on the first date – July 19th – as we had originally planned. We need as many people there as possible to show the community’s enthusiasm for this project so we can ensure that City Council votes it through! The meeting will take place at 7:00pm in the 2nd floor Chambers of City Hall on Tuesday, June 26th. We need your support! 
We are truly excited about Circle the Square and the effect it will have on our community. Thank you for helping us support this program in any way that you can!