August 4th Newsletter

We are so pleased!  We can’t tell you how many people have commented on the improvements on this year’s market!  It makes us shamefully proud that our community is coming out to support the market and that all of the work of getting things organized during the winter and early spring season is to everyone’s liking.

We really want the market to continue to grow- for the rest of this season and for the future season.  We would like to sincerely thank you for your support, ask for your continued support and patronage and will be asking for one more thing over the next few weeks- your input.

We are developing a survey that will ask you to let us know what has worked well this year, what we still need to work on, how we can make it better for you.  As a community market, we need more of the community’s input, so please don’t let the survey languish in your email inbox.  Take the opportunity to offer your great advice, suggestions, constructive criticisms for a continuously improving market.

Fruitfully yours, 
The Board of Directors of the Medford Farmers Market
  Susan Fairchild, President
  Michael Quinn, Treasurer
  Heather S. Hannon, Clerk
  Syrah McGivern
  Marc Gurton   

Let Us Entertain You This week’s entertainment and events

This week we’d like to welcome back the Ice Cream Sandwich Band!  Jesse Kurn, Erin Noland, and Stephanie Samborowski make up the vocal stylings and ukulele harmonies otherwise known as the Ice Cream Sandwich Band.  The three friends met while studying music therapy and mental health counseling at Lesley University and quickly discovered their common passion for ukulele. ICSB got their name from a sunny afternoon, as the uke trio sat in a parking lot and indulged in “the BEST ice cream sandwiches EVER.”  Come check out this cutely titled band from 5 to 7 pm.  Better yet, eat a CB Scoops Ice Cream Sandwich from Culinary Cruisers while listening to the band of the same name!
If you’d like to sing, dance, lead an activity, or otherwise capture the spotlight at our market, send us an email.

Your Medford Community Table
This week we will be joined by two spectacular Medford organizations, Green Medford and Medford School Volunteers.
Medford School Volunteers are working to match resources in the community with the needs of teachers, schools and students in Medford’s public school system. This volunteer-run group is comprised of Medford residents. Stop by their table to join them for some fun math games and to find out more about becoming a Medford school volunteer.  Current opportunities are available for the 

2nd Grade Math Tutor program.

Green Medford educates the Medford community on our environmental impact, andempowers us to make more sustainable energy, transportation, and food choices.

Notes from the Market Manager A weekly rundown of your farmers market 

This week’s market has 16 vendors.  You can expect to find a wealth of summer produce including tomatoes, summer squash, eggplant, peppers, and a variety of berries.  Lettuce, kale, radishes, carrots and beets are all still around, too!  
Peak summer produce can be both a blessing and curse – how can you possibly eat the three pounds of beautifully delicious tomatoes you just purchased?! Stop by our newest vendor, Doves and Figs, to find out how you can preserve the summer’s bounty for the fall and winter months that are (unfortunately) around the corner.For a complete list of this week’s vendors, check out our website.
News Bites
By Meghan Van Stry and Isabelle Thibault
Get a load of these: fresh zucchini! Not only is zucchini tasty and delicious, but it also has more potassium than a banana! One zucchini only has 25 calories! Check
Not actually zucchini, but still a close relative, the summer squash!
out our yummy recipe for zucchini bread! It will be great with the zucchini you can buy from the farmers market!
1 ½ cups flour
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
1 egg, beaten
1 cup sugar
1 cup zucchini
¼ cup oil
½ cup nuts (optional)
Mix dry ingredients separately, then.
Preheat oven to 350 degrees and bake for 35 to 45 minutes. 
Watch out when picking out your zucchini! Small and medium sized are better for you than large zucchinis. Zucchinis with darker skin also have better nutrients!
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