July 14th Newsletter

What a fantastic turnout at last week’s market for the Bike Fest! We had a great time and the connections that were made were unforgettable!  We have so many great Thursdays lined up, so please keep an eye on the website calendar for upcoming events!   
We are very appreciative of our shoppers and supporters, the list of whom grows every week.  Yesterday I got an email from a 7th grader asking if she could volunteer at the market!  Yes!  Our cadre of  volunteers is growing, and their work will help to make a better market for Medford.  Thank you!  And there are plenty more opportunities for volunteer hands, so if you have a lot of time, only a few hours or anything in between, please let us know if you’d like to help.    
Fruitfully yours, 
The Board of Directors of the Medford Farmers Market
  Susan Fairchild, President
  Michael Quinn, Treasurer
  Heather S. Hannon, Clerk
  Syrah McGivern
  Marc Gurton   

Let Us Entertain You This week’s entertainment and events
Are you feeling a little stressed at work? Or maybe you’ve been spending your summer outdoors and your muscles are starting to fight back?  Either way, you’re going to want to come down for a free chair massage from local massage therapist, Don Cox.  Don is an Asian Bodywork therapist specializing in shiatsu, acupressure and reiki, and will have his chair at the market from 3 to 5pm.

Carrie Cheron

This week we’d like to welcome back singer/songwriter Carrie Cheron!  Carrie graced us with her vocal stylings a few weeks ago and we are excited to have her back this week.  Come listen to her amazing voice as you cruise around the vegetables and baked goods! You can also check out her tunes on her website. Carrie begins her set at 5pm.
If you’d like to sing, dance, lead an activity, or otherwise capture the spotlight at our market, send us an email.

Community Table 
This week we would like to welcome Pets in Need.  Pets in Need is a community-based, no-kill animal shelter and adoption agency that brings homes within paw’s reach for every adoptable dog and cat. They will have pictures of their adoptable animals at their booth – if you’re looking for a dog or cat or just want to hear more about their organization, stop on by!
If you are a part of a Medford based organization and would like to join us at the Community Table, please send an email to 

Notes from the Market Manager A weekly rundown of your farmers market 
 Red Currants on the vine,
courtesy of wikipedia.
You may have noticed that summer is here.  If the heat isn’t a dead giveaway, the produce available at the market sure is!  Last week I was excited to walk around and see so many summer veggies available including squash, sweet corn and cucumbers. This week we’re expecting raspberries, blueberries and currants as well. Some of you seemed confused by the little fruits called currants.  Currants, aka gooseberries, come in red, black and white varieties, and are great in jellies and baked goods.  I’ve also enjoyed them as a summer-evening beverage.  Check out recipes for a Red Currant Martini or use them in a vodka infusion.  For a tasty non-alcoholic drink try this red currant and raspberry cordial.
This week we’ve got 18 vendors trucking in their goods.  In addition to the treats above you can expect to find tomatoes, lettuce, kale, radishes, carrots, beets, rhubarb, honey, grass-fed beef and an array of baked goods.  For a complete list of this week’s vendors, check out our website.
Cucumber Salad A great no-heat-needed recipe to keep you cool as a cuke. 
This recipe was inspired by the spread at Clearview Farm.  Stop by their stand
 Summer squash and cucumbers, for sale at the market!
for many more recipe ideas.  Not only do they grow great vegetables, they also love to cook!
1-2 large cucumbers 
1 red onion
1 pint cherry tomatoes
1-2 Tbs fresh herbs (dill, basil, chives, mint either alone or in combination)
2 Tbs red wine vinegar 
salt and pepper to taste
1.  Peel cucumbers, quarter, then slice to 1/4 inch thick pieces.  Dice onion, and cut cherry tomatoes in half.
2.  Toss with herbs and vinegar.  
If you don’t have red wine vinegar, try apple cider or a mixture of white and balsamic. For an asian inspired salad, use rice wine vinegar and add about a tsp of minced fresh ginger. There are so many variations on this fresh summer salad you’ll have no need to turn the stove on ever again!
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