Opening Day is Nearly Here!

While I sit at my desk and stare out at yet another cold, rainy, spring day, it is hard to believe that in just 3 weeks, we will open the 2011 season of the Medford Farmers Market! 

It is the excitement of this year’s market that keeps my mood from matching the weather!

There is so much that is new this year for the market, it is hard to put it all into one posting, but certainly worth trying!

Since last market season:
We engaged an entirely new Board of Directors, with one continuing member.
We contracted with 23 vendors for the 2011 season, including the first farm winery to be licensed in Medford.
We organized and held our first annual benefit- Music for the Market.
We forged new relationships with several local organizations to increase our involvement and strengthen our commitment to the community.
We hired a new Market Manager, Mari Pierce-Quinonez.
We have been adopted by several dedicated volunteers.
We applied for 2 grants that would allow us to accept SNAP/EBT at the market and bring additional funds for educational programs. (pending final awards)

The list of activities that are still in the planning phase is just as long and exciting! 

Phew!  Sure made the winter and spring go by fast!

My sincere thanks to the Board members for their shared vision, their drive, their patience and willingness to continue seeing the new possibilities for the market and the community!

Also, my sincere thanks go out to Mayor McGlynn, and the entire team at Medford City Hall.  There has been such incredible support for The Medford Farmers Market, in every department!  We look forward to continuing our relationship and finding mutually beneficial ways to define success!

I look forward to welcoming everyone to the market on June 16th, and thank you in advance for your support on Opening Day, as well as throughout the season.

Fruitfully yours,
Susan C. Fairchild
Board of Directors, President